The Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry

In order to contribute to the advancement of pediatric dentistry, engage in the transmission of knowledge, strive for the development and improvement of child dental healthcare, and contribute to the betterment and upgrading of child oral health, not only do we aim for the academic and technological improvement of our members, we also work in tandem with all related domains in our goal to contribute to the expansive and inclusive advancing of public health, medical treatment, and welfare.

We position as pediatric dentistry medical specialists dentists who possess specialist knowledge and technical ability concerning child dental healthcare as well as a public sense of mission and societal responsibility. We also engage in the cultivation of professionals who provide safe and secure dental healthcare to the entire public and who form the core of child dental healthcare regionally. Therein, as of May 2018 our total member count is 4,904 members and our medical specialist member count is 1,148 (including medical specialist attending doctors).

Regarding our activities, we hold an academic symposium and general assembly once per year in the spring and regional symposiums in 6 districts nationwide in the autumn. Also, in addition to issuing Japanese language and English language journals, electronically delivering of an e-mail magazine for members, and holding public lectures and workshops, we also hold medical specialist seminars, medical specialist and accredited physician combination seminars, and accredited hygienist training seminars. Furthermore, our English language journal "Pediatric Dental Journal" is the organizational journal for the Pediatric Dentistry Association of Asia.

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