Japanese Society for Oral Health

The Japanese Society for Oral Health was established to achieve the goal of advancing and developing oral health and contributing to the increase of public health and welfare (Article 3 of the Articles of Association). We launched under the name Society for Oral Health in 1952 and changed our name to the Japanese Society for Dental Health in 1980. In 2008 we incorporated as a limited liability intermediary corporation, and in 2009 we transferred to general incorporated association status. We then changed the English name of our society in 2011, and it remains the Japanese Society for Oral Health to date. As of 2018 our membership count is 2,320 members. Our major enterprises are: (1) holding academic symposiums, (2) holding research presentations, lecture sessions, study groups, etc., (3) publishing journals and other types of publications, (4) enterprises concerning academic society accredited physicians, etc., (5) studies and joint research, (6) matters concerning international exchange, (7) and, in addition, any other enterprises necessary to achieve our goals. In addition to maintaining ties to South Korea's Korean Academy of Oral Health as a sister organization and deepening academic exchange by mutually dispatching and receiving representatives at the annual general meeting for membership exchange opportunities, in recent years we have also strengthened our linkage to the Asian Academy of Preventive Dentistry and co-hosted general meetings and academic lectures. As such, we are actively engaged in supporting oral health and cultivating oral health professionals in the Asian region.


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