Japan Prosthodontic Society

Prosthodontics specializes in replacing missing or deficient teeth and/or jaws with artificial substitutes such as crowns, fixed or removable dentures, or implants. This treatment can resolve problems like mastication impediment, pronunciation impediments, and aesthetical issues and provide maintenance and improvement for health and the quality of life.

Japan Prosthodontic Society researches and develops new technology and materials in prosthodontics treatment and maintains health through this treatment by restoring functionality such as chewing, talking, and swallowing and restoring aesthetical qualities. In this way, we aim to contribute to the health and longevity of the public. Also, in our role as a public interest incorporated association, we conduct activities designed to provide clear cut education for society and the public on the significance of prosthodontics in its role as treatment that contributes majorly to health and longevity.

At least once per year we hold academic symposiums, present the clinical and foundational research achievements of our members, and also deploy educational activities aiming for further mutual progress improvement among members. We are also widely involved in deploying projects concerning the improvement of public health welfare, such as lecture sessions hosting and accreditation of medical specialists.


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