Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry

The Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry was established with the purpose of the execution and advancement of basic and clinical research into laser dentistry in order to provide the public with safe and stable scientifically based laser dental care and cure. For our members, we provide a forum for presentations such as scientific congresses, academic symposiums, educational trainings and sessions, clinical conferences and the issuance of academic journals, so the members can actualize information transmission and information exchange. Through events such as safety workshops and educational training sessions, we also actively offer education to increase knowledge concerning laser dentistry and understanding concerning safety in laser dental treatments. Moreover, in order to assure the provision of comfortable, effective, and safe laser dental care and cure for the public, we engage in credential assessments of the accredited dental specialists, the accredited instructors and the accredited paradental professionals as well as the accredited training facilities. Furthermore, our society also engages in activities to periodically broadcast widely to the public the latest and accurate information concerning the advancement of laser dental treatments, and engenders wide public understanding of that information.


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