The Japanese Society of Oral Pathology

The specified non-profit corporation Japanese Society of Oral Pathology contributes to dental healthcare through activity support for oral pathologists who are engaged in actual pathology diagnosis of oral lesions, which is essential to the practice of safe and secure dental healthcare. We also take a leadership role in pathology and oral pathology within dental medicine and contribute to the advancement of pre-graduation and post-graduation education as well as dentistry research.

Oral pathologists mostly perform pathology examinations on microscopic specimens. The resultant pathology diagnosis is an important part of the medical treatment process with a direct connection to selecting the treatment direction for lesions. As an insured treatment item, independent pathology examination items exist for both medical and dental departments.

In cases such as oral cancer, pathology diagnosis is used at all the various stages of treatment, including biopsies for diagnosis in initial pathology examinations, intraoperative rapid diagnosis used during surgery, and post-surgery excised specimens. Also, in the unfortunate case wherein patients pass away from disease, pathology dissection can shed light on cause of death, lesion spreading, and treatment effects, and return to the attending physician and the family a wealth of knowledge that was not accessible during life in the form of an autopsy diagnosis, which is the final diagnosis.

In these ways, we strive to promote and support a wide range of education and research regarding oral diseases, enrichment and improvement of pathology diagnosis as the foundation of oral disease treatment, and contribute to society through the development of oral pathology.

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