The Japanese Society of Conservative Dentistry

The Japanese Society of Conservative Dentistry is a conglomerate combining the three conservative dentistry fields of "Operative Dentistry," "Endodontology," and "Periodontology." We are an academic society that aims for improvements in and development of conservative treatment, the promotion of fundamental and clinical research in our domains, and the cultivation of certified and specialist doctors. We were first established as the Society of Conservative Dentistry Oral Cavity Treatment in 1955. Later, we changed our name to the Japanese Society of Conservative Dentistry in 1963. And in 2003, we received accreditation as a specified non-profit corporation. Our journal, The Japanese Journal of Conservative Dentistry, launched in 1958 and has reached its 60th edition in 2017. Currently we are composed of approximately 4,500 members in total, and in addition to deploying the standard academic, research, and education related activities such as hosting academic symposiums (2 times annually) and publishing academic journals, we also operate a diverse array of activities designed to promote the growth and popularization of conservative dentistry related treatment and prevention.

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