Japanese Society for the Temporomandibular Joint

The Japanese Society for Temporomandibular Joint is an academic organization in capable to contribute for the science of temporomandibular joint and related domain research, clinical practice, and education as well as for the public health and welfare by applying expertise in those areas.
Our administrative officer is composed of 25 Directors (including 1 President, 1 Vice President, and 5 Executive Directors), and 2 Auditor Councils. We deploy our activities with 19 standing committees and 4 ad hoc committees.
Since 2015, we give academic lectures regarding "Renewal of clinical condition and classification for temporomandibular disorders" to being requested prefectural dental associations. We actively engage in educational activities regarding with the standardized medical/dental care for temporomandibular disorders and its related diseases for the clinicians regardless members or non-members.
Also, in order to expand the specialty system of the dental diplomate for the temporomandibular disorders in all prefectures, we have implemented an acting diplomate system and reduced the number of prefectures without accreditation training institutions to just 2 prefectures (Ehime and Kochi). Furthermore, we have currently set up a new accredited dental certified system and are now seeing a rise in new accredited certified dentists. So far we are focusing on a disseminations of the evidence based standardized comprehensive care for temporomandibular disorders and its related diseases.
Regarding international exchange, we are conducting a joint meeting biannually with the Asian Academy for Temporomandibular Joint.


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