Japanese Dental Education Association

Japanese Dental Education Association was established in 1982 to objectively research the various problems in dental education in order to systemize dental education and ongoing dentist education and as a place to consider specific policies. Currently, we are the only academic association in Japan to comprehensively research dental education and propose concrete policies that transcend specific domains. Dental education is a required domain not only for educators, but for everyone involved in dental medicine, including clinical practitioners and researchers. We conduct research that straddles multiple domains through lateral linkages among members of each domain composing the Japanese Association for Dental Science. Furthermore, in terms of interprofessional education, complex research in domains other than dentistry is also advancing. By transferring education research methods from the traditional arena of quantitative research to qualitative research, results high in applicability to education are achieved. We broadcast these results through arenas such as dentist clinical training program manager intensive courses, workshops for medical preparatory educators, and medical treatment communication facilitator cultivation seminars, and therein contribute to the cultivation of dentists who can respond to the needs of society. Recently, we also conduct planning as a task force for dental specialist cultivation program development workshops for other academic societies as well. Furthermore, from this year forward we will be introducing at our academic symposium Japanese Association for Dental Science special subcommittee education administrator gatherings and aiming to construct an education network linking together the various academic societies.


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