Japanese Society of Gerodontology

Through linkages and cooperation among members and related academic societies both in Japan and internationally, Japanese Society of Gerodontology contributes to society member gerodontology research and the diffusion of society member knowledge, strives to actualize the resultant advancement and development of health and medical care for the elderly, and operates with the goal commonly held among all members to contribute to Japanese academic development and welfare.

In addition to our annual scientific meeting we further support member research and clinical training through opportunities such as clinical seminars of gerodontology and branch seminars and committee sponsored seminars held via branches in all 47 Japanese prefectures. Furthermore, for our academic journal publications, "Japanese Journal of Gerodontology" i with English abstract and the official English journal "Gerodontology," are issued. WE also provide an opportunity for a more intimate information exchange regarding society activities and society member activities through our newsletters.

Our branches in all 47 Japanese prefectures are closely linked to the society headquarters, allowing us to deploy activities aimed at contributing to nationwide community dental healthcare. We also actively engage in linkages with a wide array of specialist fields.

Aiming for the skills improvement of our members and to give the elderly patients a reliable dental care, we maintain an accreditation system, conduct accredited physician and specialist of dentist and dental hygienist in gerodontology training for our members, and issue accreditation through a screening process. We also accredit attending dentists in an effort to cultivate upcoming professionals.

In affiliation with The Japan GeriatricsSociety, we also maintain intimate linkages with organizations that share our devotion to the health and medical treatment of the elderly and hold a coalition academic assembly every two years.


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