Japanese Society of Oral Therapeutics and Pharmacology

Japanese Society of Oral Therapeutics and Pharmacology launched in 1982 as a research group under the umbrella of a mother body working group that prepared judgement criteria for antibacterial agent results. We added the status of academic "Society" to our name in 1985. We deploy academic society activities as an interdisciplinary academic society composed of clinical doctors and researchers in "basic dental science," "hospital dental departments and oral surgery departments," and "private practices" who are involved in the domains of oral surgery and periodontal disease, endodontic care, pediatric dentistry, anesthesia, dental pharmacology, microbiology, and infection control. One of the columns of our academic society activities is the education for academic society clinical trial implementers and the expansion of insurance covered pharmaceuticals in dentistry. Regarding pharmaceuticals not covered by insurance, we team with related organizations to actively apply for non-covered pharmaceuticals in areas including antibiotics, pediatric formulations and oral mucosal disease medication, and temporomandibular arthrosis care medication. Result potential is high.

We supply ongoing-education for dentists, dental hygienists, and pharmacists in medicinal knowledge and appropriate usage of medication focusing on areas from systemic administered pharmaceuticals such as antibiotic agents and analgesic agents used in dentistry to topically administered pharmaceuticals used in arenas such as preservation and the gums.


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