Japanese Society of Dental Practice Administration

The Japanese Society of Dental Practice Administration is an academic society that embodies the academic study of dental practice administration. We researches and trains in the kind of safe, stable, and trustworthy dental healthcare the public desires.

Our organization started in 1958 as a group for caretakers aiming to develop into an academic society. We held our inaugural meeting on October 15, 1960, which marked the official beginning of our organization. Since 1974 we also have been active as one subcommittee among the specialist subcommittees of the Japanese Association for Dental Science. In May 1, 2018, we became the General Incorporated Association Japanese Society of Dental Practice Administration with a corporation status.

In recent years Japan has seen major changes in the dentistry environment with factors such as the advancement of an ultra-aged society, changes in disease structures due to decreases in cavities and the like, the promotion of information in medical treatment, health, and welfare through the usage of ICT, and changes in public knowledge regarding medical treatment. And, in order to respond to public need, there is a need for a new dental healthcare supply system with factors such as a strengthening of the linkage to each related institution with regional residents as the core constituent and the construction of a regionally comprehensive care system that includes linkages with medical treatment institutions, each related governmental institution, and regional comprehensive support centers. Within this kind of societal framework, we operate our organization with the two activity policy pillars of "medical treatment safety" and "regional linkages."


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