The Japan Society of Dental History

The Japan Society of Dental History started in 1967 as a Society of Dental History. We changed our name to the Japan Society of Dental History in 1973, received official authorization as the 13th subcommittee of the Japanese Association for Dental Science the following year, and have held that status to the present.

Our purpose is "to conduct research into the history of dentistry, dental healthcare, and dental health as well as the systems therein, contribute to the growth of those and related areas, and promote friendship among members." In order to actualize this purpose, in addition to holding a general assembly and academic symposium once per year, we have also held "Monthly Regular Meetings" since our inception onward under the purpose of striving for informality free presentation, discussion, and friendship among members.

The academic research field of "history" aims to clarify situations and circumstances. It is a study of documentation based on materials, and therefore is also a field that cannot exist without fundamental materials. Gathering materials together that dissipate daily is not only extremely difficult, it also requires immeasurable effort. It is said that "history repeats itself," and therein people can avoid getting caught in the same ruts by studying history itself.

And this is the where the real appeal of dental medicine history research lies.

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