The Japanese Dental Society of Anesthesiology

The Japanese Dental Society of Anesthesiology was established in September 1973. Its origins lie in the 1966 launched "the Council for Dental Anesthesiology," which means we have over 50 years of history as an academic research organization.

Dental anesthesiology is a specialist clinical domain that researches and clinically practices safe, painless, comfortable dental healthcare methods. Furthermore, orofacial pain is also one of our specialist domains.

Specifically, we specialize in "safety control in dental treatment" in which dental treatment can be offered safely to elderly patients and patients with conditions such as hypertension and heart diseases. We expertly actualize "emergency medical treatment" that ensures immediate response and safety in the case of unpleasant sensations and loss of consciousness during dental treatment, "sedation" that allows dental patients with anxiety and/or fear to receive dental healthcare comfortably, "behavioral control using sedation or general anesthesia" that allows persons with disabilities to receive dental treatment without stress, and "g general anesthesia in dental healthcare" that allows patients receiving oral and maxillofacial surgery to receive surgery safely. We also operate "dental pain clinic" facilities that treat orofacial pain. In these ways, offering behind-the-scenes support for dental professionals and patients with problems in standard dental practice is our role.

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