Japanese Association for Oral Biology

Since our inception as the only organization of fundamental dentistry researchers in Japan in 1955, the Japanese Association for Oral Biology has contributed greatly to the growth of Japanese dentistry and dental healthcare. In order to deploy activities that can respond to referrals from the general public as a central hub for spearheading oral cavity science, the Japanese Association for Oral Biology has, in our October 2014 onward position as a general incorporated foundation, ensured the legal implementation of Association operation transparency, public disclosure of information, and sustainability of Association activities. In order to better cultivate young researchers, we have decisively enacted the Japanese Association for Oral Biology Encouragement Award, Best Paper Award, Excellent Presentation Award, and Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists and waived academic symposium participation fees for graduate student members, providing support for robust research activities and academic presentation. By putting an even higher level of backing into public cutting edge dental education, the cultivation of researchers and educators active internationally in Japanese Association for Oral Biology academic fields, and robust academic interaction in domains both inside and outside of medical science, we aim to contribute to the growth of dental medicine as well as the improvement of public health and welfare.


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