Japanese Academy of Sports Dentistry

We launched as the Research Society of Sports Dentistry in September 1990. After holding 4 research group meetings in 4 years, we changed our name to the Japan Research Society of Sports Dentistry in 1994 and then to the Japanese Academy of Sports Dentistry in 2000. Furthermore, we launched anew in 2016 as a general incorporated association, and have maintained that status to date. Our establishment purpose is, through sports dental science related study and research, to strive for the advancement of that science and improve the member knowledge and public awareness.

The goals of our academic research activities are the 3 dental medicine based considerations of, (1) dental medicine based considerations to support public health maintenance through sports, (2) dental medicine based considerations towards maxillofacial oral domain related sports injury prevention and safety measures/management, and (3) dental medicine based considerations to support the maintenance and improvement of sports competitiveness.

We deploy academic activities with a focus on unity between the clinical and academic arenas, provide a framework for universities, researchers, and clinicians to link organically, contribute to the oral maintenance and safety of the sports loving public. We actively engage in exchange with other related organizations, and maintain academic exchange with the Japan Dental Association, the Japan Association of School Dentists, the Japan Dental Hygienists' Association, the Japan Dental Technologists Association, and the Dent of Sports and Health Promotion

Also, in 2010 we officially entered into an academic exchange pact with the Korean Academy of Sports Dentistry (established in 2003), contributing to the further popularization of sports dentistry in Asia. We also hold joint conferences with organizations such as the American Academy for Sports Dentistry.


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