Japanese Society for Jaw Deformities

The mother organization of the Japanese Society for Jaw Deformities was the Jaw Deformities Research Group that ran for 9 years from 1982. The Society launched in January 1, 1991 and became the specified non-profit corporation Japanese Society for Jaw Deformities on July 1, 2005. Its current general assembly member count exceeds 2,000 members.

The purpose of our academic society is, as stated in our Articles of Association, engaging in "jaw deformity" related academic research and educational diffusion efforts to enhance medical treatment standards, cultivate the next generation of professionals, and contribute to the improvement of public medical treatment welfare. In order to achieve these goals to date we have engaged in activities including (1) research presentation operations regarding jaw deformities through the holding of academic gatherings, etc., (2) publication operations such as the issuing of journals regarding jaw deformities, (3) dissemination and enlighten operations regarding jaw deformities through websites, (4) linkage operations with multiple organizations regarding jaw deformities, both in Japan and abroad, and (5) any other operations necessary to achieve these goals. Also, in 2001, we formed sister organization bonds with the Korean Association of Maxillofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. We actively engage in mutual exchange among our society members and have become an arena for information exchange and information broadcasting for jaw deformity treatment in the East Asian region.


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