Japan Dental Society of Oriental Medicine

Japan Dental Society of Oriental Medicine was established in 1983 based in an opportunity provided by a recommendation that WHO issued to member nations in June 1979 urging them to "actively engage in acupuncture treatment as part of the modern medical treatment approaches." In addition to the examination and diagnosis methods of modern dental medicine, we are active with the target of incorporating within daily clinical dentistry acupuncture treatments and traditional Chinese medicine treatments based in the Oriental medicine concept of "mind and body unity" in which "the overall body state reflects in the oral cavity," as well as various other Oriental medicine based treatments.

In response to the recent introduction into clinical dentistry insurance of traditional Chinese medicinal substances (the 11 treatments in Chinese medicine), we have poured our energies into activities to promote introduction of such agents into clinical dentistry. Also, the adding of education related to "traditional Japanese and Chinese medicinal substances" (pharmacological effects, side-effects, and harmful effects) to the model core curriculum for dentistry education has allowed us to engage in constructing a foundation for traditional Chinese medicine in university undergraduate education.

In addition to an annual academic symposium, we also hold training sessions several times per year and branch meetings in each region, providing opportunities to learn about Oriental medicine for every level, from beginner to expert.


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