Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

The goal of dental healthcare is oral disease prevention and treatment, and health maintenance. This preserving of oral functionality in a healthy state enables food intake, mastication and swallowing, and is the maintenance and driving force of life itself. It also makes communication possible. However, even when functionality is regained through dental treatment, if the patient is not satisfied esthetically, the patient will not feel as if health has been regained psychosomatically.

The Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry was established in 1988 and welcomes its 30th year anniversary this year. We are an academy with an interdisciplinary character, composed of approximately 5,500 members, mainly focusing on dentists, dental hygienists and dental technicians. We engage in activities including holding academic symposiums once per year, issuing an academy journal twice per year, and holding seminars several times per year.

The Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry defines esthetic dentistry as, "an academic system related to education and learning for dental healthcare that actualizes a harmony of shape esthetics, color esthetics and functionality esthetics in the stomatognathic system and contributes to the happiness of people (educational guidelines)." Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry members learn the foundation and clinical arenas of this kind of esthetic dentistry and strive diligently from their individual positions of dentist, dental hygienist and dental technician to provide to the public "esthetic dentistry" with a high level of quality.


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