Japanese Society for Evidence and the Dental Professional

The Japanese Society for Evidence and the Dental Professional launched in November 2007 with the target of facilitating an even higher level of sophistication of dental healthcare, an explanation obligation towards patients, and the introduction of new dental healthcare technology to assist in the maintenance and increase in public health. We were also established in order to strongly advance areas such as the development of examinations pertaining to dental healthcare and oral disorders, the popularization of that into the clinical environment, standardization and standardized value control for laboratory data, development of examination and diagnosis equipment, and linkage with clinical examination companies. Our driving inaugural concept was if the clinical, academic, and industrial arenas do not come together, cooperate, and form linkages, the desired results cannot be achieved. Based in this, our membership is not limited to clinicians and researchers in areas such as universities. We are also comprised of exchange among members of dentally related companies and individuals in the industry world revolving around examination devices and examination procedures. From April 2015 onward, we were certified as an accredited subcommittee of the Japanese Association for Dental Science. And from April 2016 onward, we have continued conducting our activities as a general incorporated association. As of 2018, we have 330 members and 50 academic society accredited doctors. Our academic journal has reached issue 1 of volume 9, counting all publications since our initial inauguration.

Regarding our activities, by establishing examinations pertaining to diagnosis and examinations that use post-treatment evaluations and constructing a foundation for the further enhancement of medical treatment based in scientific grounds in dentistry, we believe that we can provide assistance in largely expanding the Japanese dental world and in maintaining and improving public health. Therein, we plan to continue providing a high level of dental healthcare that responds to public needs as a unification of the entire dental healthcare industry.


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