Japanese Society of Oral Oncology

The Japanese Society of Oral Oncology was established in 1983 under the goal of, "engaging in the advancement and diffusion of research, elucidation, as well as the resultant medical treatment regarding diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of tumors occurring in the oral and maxillofacial domain and contributing to an improvement in public welfare." For our academic society activities, in addition to holding an annual general assembly and academic symposium and issuing an academic journal 4 times per year, we also issue "General Rules for Clinical and Pathological Studies on Oral Cancer" "Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oral Cancers," and "Clinical Practice Guidelines in Ameloblastomas," establish and endorse medical examination and treatment guidelines for the entire broad oral tumor field while also enhancing the oral cancer medical specialist system, and engage in the cultivation of "oral cancer medical specialists." We also hold an education training session every year and strive to increase knowledge levels among our members and provide opportunities to absorb the latest knowledge. Furthermore, in addition to the clinical arena, we face the issue of "oral tumors" seriously in terms of the fundamental research arena as well and advance the development of treatment and fundamental research as well as the cultivation of oral cavity tumor research doctors. We also actively maintain linkages with related academic organizations in Japan and abroad and contribute to the development and foundation-strengthening of Japanese oral tumor medical treatment, including the field of oral cancer. Furthermore, we also engage in activities designed to contribute to the development of the future of oral oncology medical treatment across the globe.


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