The Japanese Society of Oral Diagnosis/Oral Medicine

In 1985, individuals with an interest in education pertaining to oral diagnosis and oral medicine gathered. Therein, conversation was had regarding the establishment of an academic discussion type of assembly related to the study of oral diagnosis and oral medicine. On May 24, 1986, the first Oral Diagnosis/Oral Medicine Research Group was held.

The first academic society Head Director was Eiichi Akamatsu (Kanagawa Dental University). Thereinafter, Norimasa Kurosaki (Faculty of Dentistry at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University) took the reins in 2000, Genyuki Yamane (Tokyo Dental College) took the reins in 2006, Takashi Sasano (Tohoku University Graduate school of Dentistry) took the reins in 2012, and now Takanori Ito (Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo) took the post of Head Director from 2017 and has managed this academic society together with the other Directors and Representatives since. In 2004 our academic society accreditation system launched and attending doctors, accredited physicians, and accredited facilities have been certified. In 2016 we acquired general incorporated association status.

Since our inauguration onward, the core of our academic society activities has been researchers in areas related to diagnosis, such as oral diagnosis and oral medicine science, oral medicine, oral and maxillofacial radiology science, oral pathology science, clinical examination science. When the Directors and Councilors established at the time of our inauguration retire, successors at each of their facilities participate as society Directors, Councilors, and various types of Committee Member, facilitating the continuation of academic society activities in line with our inauguration goals. Currently the role our academic society plays is needed in the educational arena as well. For both undergraduate students in dentistry programs and clinical trainee dentists, we offer textbooks prepared by individuals with connections to our society pertaining to handling new patients in situations such as medical treatment interviews. We also offer special lectures in academic symposiums as well as education lectures and workshops.

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