Japan Association of Dental Traumatology

The "8020 Campaign" launched by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (as this Ministry was called at the time) was a campaign that took a stern look at tooth loss from cavities and periodontal disease. However, currently trauma is a major cause of tooth loss. Unrelated to cavities and periodontal disease, trauma is frequently encountered in the clinical setting in ages spanning from early age children to young people and adults.

The trauma dentistry field requires both fundamental and clinical knowledge and experience as well as technology. Advancements in adhesion technology has dramatically improved the potential for preserving traumatized teeth, and further research is being conducted in hopes of developing new treatment policy.

In this backdrop, the Japan Association of Dental Traumatology desires even further leaps forward. As such, our hope for the future is to strive for an intimate linkage with international trauma dentistry organizations. Moving forward, the Japan Association of Dental Traumatology plans to transcend the limits of national borders within Japan and conduct mediation with dentistry researchers and clinicians in the various Asian countries and regions, as well as across the entire globe. There is a need to fulfill the function of an arena for the exchange of information in areas such as even more advanced treatment methods.

The Japan Association of Dental Traumatology aims to be an academic society striving for the development towards new treatment methods for clinicians who possess the same goals both within the country and internationally. And as such, great things are expected for our future.


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