Japanese Academy of Maxillofacial Implants

Our corporation launched as the " The Japanese Academy for maxillofacial Biomaterial " in 1993. We changed our name to the "Japanese Academy of Maxillofacial Implants" in 1999, and have remained under that name ever since. We operate under the goals of promoting fundamental and clinical research related to implants in the oral and maxillofacial domain, providing widespread education on correct dental implant knowledge with oral and maxillofacial surgery in this domain as a substrate, spreading good quality dental implant treatment that earns the trust of the public, and contributing to the improvement of public health through Japanese academic development and oral cavity functionality repair. Under these goals, we engage in the following operations both within Japan and abroad.
(1) We hold academic symposiums, research groups, and workshops etc.
(2) We issue publications such as journal issues.
(3) We cultivate and accredit maxillofacial dental implant medical specialists.
(4) We engage in research and development of dental implants and biomaterial in the oral and maxillofacial domain.
(5) We engage in linkage and exchange with related organizations in Japan and abroad.
(6) We also engage in any other activities required to achieve our goals.


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