The Japanese Society of magnetic applications in dentistry

The Japanese Society of Magnetic Applications in Dentistry is an academic society that was established in 1991. With the goals of advancing and popularizing the science of magnetic applications in dentistry, developing and improving dental healthcare, and the maintaining and improving people's health, we focus on more than just dental magnetic attachments. We are also widely active in arenas extending from fundamental research regarding magnetic fields and magnetic forces all the way up to an array of clinical applications of magnet. Our major activity areas are holding academic symposiums (an annual nationwide symposium and international magnetic applications in dentistry Internet Conference) and issuing an academic society journal (2 issues per year). Some of the major areas of focus we have been active in to date are international magnetic attachment standardization (acquired ISO13017 on July 15, 2012), an MRI safety standard manual for magnetic attachment recipients (published in 2013), preparation and dispersion of explanation leaflets for patients, preparation of magnetic attachment examination guidelines, accreditation of accredited physicians and accredited dental technicians, preparation of commendation system regulations and implementation of commendation awarding, and construction of a clinical evaluation system backed by long term post-surgery studies covering magnetism attachment application case studies. In the future, we aim to take leadership as an arena for the exchange of all information pertaining to all sorts of different magnetic applications in clinical dentistry.

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