The Academy of Clinical Dentistry

The Academy of Clinical Dentistry is a gathering of medical specialist professionals involved in clinical dental medicine and medical treatment. As of April 2018, we have approximately 8,700 members. Occlusion (biting the teeth together) has the important position of forming the foundation of the dental domain, and almost all treatments in clinical dentistry are closely linked with occlusion. From an integrated, expansive perspective on occlusion, momentum accelerated for the establishment of Japanese academic societies with functions able to respond to patient need in the clinical environment. Therein, "International Academy of Gnathology Asian Section" was established in March 1979, and this organization split off from that academy as "The Academy of Clinical Dentistry" in an expansive move in July 1982.

---Our activities---
We deploy activities that educate people on the point "biting and eating throughout our lives is the wellspring of health." Our members conduct activities with the goal of communicating widely the importance of the cultivation, maintenance, reconstruction, and management of this healthy occlusion and mastication throughout one's life for the purpose of maintaining that wellspring of health. They also supply those benefits daily to patients clinically. Our mid-term target theme for a period of five years from the 30th anniversary of our foundation was "Neo-Gnathology." Under this theme, we communicated to the world that, "Oral health and functionality throughout your life is the wellspring of full body health and happiness." And, on the occasion of our 35th anniversary, we are engaged in activities aiming to construct a "dazzling Japanese oral and dental clinical practice" in which, based on the concepts of "Neo-Gnathology" and the further developed "True Gnathology," the "quintessence" of the Academy of Clinical Dentistry is understood academically and applied clinically. Our 36th Academy Meeting and general assembly will be held at the Tokyo International Forum across the two days of Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10, 2018 under the main theme of "True Gnathology: Shine in your practice - Enlivenment of Dentistry by Upgrading Clinical Ability" For the special lecture session, we will welcome Dr. Avishai Sadan (Dean of the Ostrow School of Dentistry of the University of Southern California in the US). We are also planning numerous presentation opportunities, such as the public forum for general residents called "Periodontal Disease and Systemic Diseases" (Dr. Masae Nakazawa, Dr. Wataru Nishida, Dr. Koichi Ito, and Dr. Satoshi Sekino), invited speaker lectures, a table clinic, oral presentations, and poster presentations.

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